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Sinosteel Xi'an Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinosteel Xi'an) was formerly known as Xi'an Metallurgical Machinery Plant of the Ministry of metallurgical industry. It was founded in 1958. In 2001, it was restructured into Xi'an Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. and joined Sinosteel in 2005.

The company is a national large-scale enterprise, mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of metallurgical complete sets of equipment, mining machinery and other large machinery and equipment. Located in Zhonggang Avenue, Jingwei Industrial Park, Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone. The production base covers a total area of 1100 mu, with a building area of 260000 square meters. The company has 7 management departments, 6 production and operation branches, 1 import and export business department and 5 production service units.

The company is equipped with more than 1300 sets of main production equipment, more than 480 large-scale and numerical control machine tools, which can produce the largest steel castings of 100 tons, iron castings of 60 tons, the largest forgings of 30 tons, the largest lifting capacity of 260 tons, with an annual production capacity of 65000 tons of mechanical assembly, 50000 tons of castings and forgings, and 25000 tons of structural parts and pressure vessels. The company has become a large-scale metallurgical equipment manufacturer with complete supporting integration, advanced technology, complete detection means, standardized management mechanism and top domestic comprehensive strength in the metallurgical equipment manufacturing industry. The company has provided reliable and high-quality metallurgical complete sets of equipment and product services for more than 600 iron and steel enterprises such as Baosteel, WISCO, Angang, Hebei Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Hegang, Shangang, Shougang, Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shagang, etc.

The company's leading products are:

Ironmaking equipment: bell less top equipment of 380 m ~ 6000 m ~ 3 blast furnace, cast house equipment such as hydraulic clay gun,taphole machine, cover manipulator,etc.

Steelmaking equipment: hot metal pretreatment equipment, molten steel refining equipment (RH, LF, VD, etc.), slab continuous casting equipment.

Rolling equipment: plate and strip mill, rod and wire mill, cold shear, plate and strip post-treatment equipment, such as pickling line, galvanizing color coating line, rewinding line and other steel deep processing equipment; cooperated with Nippon Steel to manufacture 630mm diameter oil pipe welded pipe mill.

Heavy castings and Forgings: high wear-resistant steel such as tooth plate and roller wall; high chromium wear-resistant iron castings such as impeller and pump tank; medium and high carbon wear-resistant steel castings for mining; conventional carbon steel and low alloy steel castings; large cross-section gray iron, ductile iron and copper castings; heat-resistant stainless steel furnace drum, austenitic non-magnetic steel drum, large and medium-sized rolling mill stands. The products are mainly used in metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, building materials, etc Petrochemical, nonferrous metals, light industry, electric power, nuclear industry and other fields.

Industrial auxiliary and mining equipment: 16000kN hydraulic shear, 10000kN hydraulic packer and other large scrap treatment equipment; jaw crusher, ball mill and other mining equipment; coke oven machinery such as coke pusher and coke blocking car; all kinds of pressure vessel products; large non-standard reducer, hydraulic cylinder, large ferroalloy furnace opening and plugging machine, 154 ton mine car electric wheel assembly, as well as reactor, heat exchanger, etc Chemical equipment.

The company has the import and export qualification of self-supporting foreign trade. It has established supply and demand relationship with Danieli, Primetals Technologies, SMS group, Nippon Steel, Kobe Steel, SPCO, Tata and other foreign companies, and has provided services to the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Malaysia, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and other countries and regions The company has exported more than 10000 tons of metallurgical complete sets of equipment and spare parts.

The company's technology research and development department, technology center, is listed as the provincial enterprise technology center. Meanwhile, it actively cooperates with scientific research institutions and universities in production, learning and research. Some cooperative projects have accumulated fruitful results. Technical R & D institutions include iron making equipment research institute, metallurgical equipment research institute, complete equipment research institute and other R & D and design institutions. We have established a multi-level and multi-channel comprehensive technical service guarantee system with design and R & D institutions as the main body, and subsidiary products and technology development institutions of each branch company. We have provided consulting, R & D, design and other technical services for products of domestic and foreign customers for many years.

In recent years, the company has independently developed and absorbed more than 20 technologies at home and abroad, obtained nearly 100 scientific and technological achievements and quality awards, and more than 260 effective invention and utility model patents. The company has successively obtained D1 and D2 pressure vessel design qualification and BRL Since 2016, the company has obtained the quality management system certification of "T19001 / 2015" for pressure vessel manufacturing.

Through management innovation and system innovation, the company focuses on the main business field, and vigorously develops the non metallurgical market. Through the introduction, digestion and absorption of international advanced technology, the company will improve the precision processing and assembly, and integrate the core technology into the development direction. With the development mode of "R & D, design, manufacturing + service", the company will be built into a first-class equipment and technology company in China's metallurgical and heavy machinery industries It is the most competitive equipment integration supplier and service provider with leading position, exquisite products, efficient management.

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